Western Union: Receive Freelance Earning from Bangladesh

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Western Union: Receive Freelance Earning from Bangladesh

Western Union


I found some of my native freelancer was asking a question like how they will receive money from their client through Western Union money transfer service? So I write this article on freelancing earning & Western Union.


They have questions like:

How to receive freelancing payment using the Western Union?

Is there any charge I have to pay while withdrawing money?

What is the conversion rate they use for remittance?

Well, if you are a freelancer and have similar questions in mind then read this article and you will get all your answer with helpful tips:


Here are the easy steps you need to follow:


Step1: Send your personal details to your client

Send your client a copy of your passport and your phone number. This 2 information required to verify you are the authorized person. You can tell your client to send money declaring as “freelancing service fee” it will help you to stay out of any future tax-related hassle in our country as the freelancing amount is tax-free.  BUT sometimes, a client can’t pay money as a freelancing service fee as they have the same tax issue, so you can tell him to send money as you are his relatives and he is sending money to support you.


Step2: Collect MTCN # from client

When client sent you money, the client will give you MTCN # (transaction control number/transaction number). It’s usually a ten digit code with a format like XXX-YYY-ZZZZ. Once you have the MTCN # number you are ready to pick your money.


Step3: Collect Money from the Western Union

Before heading to your nearest Western Union to pick money, please make sure you have 3 things with you.

1) MTCN# (Transaction number)

2) Your NID/Passport

3) Your Mobile phone.

You need to provide a photocopy of your Your NID/Passport to the bank concerned person. As per government guideline, they will keep a hard copy of your identity card along with other transaction documents for future references.

When you go to WU payment service and find the person who manages WU payment issue. The responsible person will ask you for the MTCN number and a copy of your passport/NID? If everything okay then he will process your money within few minutes.

While receiving the payment, you don’t need to pay anything.  But must your client must pay the WU service fee for the transaction. WU service fee varies based on the amount and the sender/receiver country location. For instance, if your client sends you any amount but less than 5000$ from the USA then the service fee is $30 approximately. Much cheaper, right?


That’s all you need to do to get payment using WU.

Regarding conversion rate: I usually receive payment through WU a couple of times every month from a USA client. The remittance conversion rate varies each time. But good thing is, you will receive much higher rate compared with Upwork/Elance/Payoneer withdrawal.


So far I remember, Last time I received 1$ = 76.77BDT. Hope this help.


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