First job on Upwork: How to win your first job at Upwork or Any other marketplace?

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First job on Upwork: How to win your first job at Upwork or Any other marketplace?

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Now-a-days Freelancing is a very demand-able profession all over the world. For world class professionals, It is the best and easiest way to earn money while staying at home. If you are doing a full-time job you can take it as part-time work and make it as a supportive income sources.

The most important things which you need to do first are make yourself confident, develop your skills, and gather enough knowledge on it. After that you need to create an account on freelancing marketplace such as Upwork, Elance, Freelancer, Microworkers, Fiver and so on. After making the account you must become very desperate to have a job but most of the time you become hopeless because of not getting your desirable job. There are some particular ways that can help you to get your desirable job on freelancing marketplace.

As a freelancer I just want to share my few thoughts which might be helpful to get your first job on freelancing marketplace.

What To Do:

1. Create a profile that shine: We all know that “you will never get a 2nd chance to make the first impression” so you have to create a profile which will reflects your skills, knowledge, liability, commitment, experiences and ability to make the project successful.

2. Check the profile and make sure no grammatical or spelling mistake: After creating your profile make sure that there is no grammatical or spelling mistakes in your profile because it will create a bad impression to client. So try to ignore all the grammatical and spelling mistakes.

3. Use a smiling head-shot: Use a smiling head-shot in your profile picture. Smiling face is the most positive sign to foreign people. So create an account by using a smiley face as profile picture.

4. Add related skills and portfolios: Add your skills to your profile so that when any client will come to check your profile they find you a very skilled freelancer. Add only those skills at which you are very much experienced.  Portfolio is very important thing as well. Add the links or demo as your portfolio so that it can add an extra shine in your profile. Moreover, the client will come to know that you are e very skilled and experienced freelancer so the percentage of getting your job will become easy.

5. Take as many test as possible: Giving test is another important thing in this market place. By giving more tests you can prove yourself as a qualified freelancer as it shows your knowledge on that particular section. But be very careful while giving those tests as it appears on your profile. If you obtained marks below average then the client will be disappointed when they will visit your profile. So first gather enough knowledge on a particular topic and then give an awesome test.

6. Apply for the job only if you are confident: If you are fully confident that you can make the job successful only then apply for the job. Show your confidence and experience in your cover letter. Express the working method so the client can understand that you are an experienced person, and the right person for the job.

7. Take your time to write a personalize proposal: Don’t rush when you writing your proposal. Take your time. Read several times the job post and try to understand what the client’s demand is. Then write your proposal according to the client’s demand.

8. Try to clarify how you will deliver him the service or solution for his project: After understanding the job details try to clarify how you will deliver the best service to the client. Show the client that you have the potentiality and quality so that you can solve all the problems during the working period of the project.

9. Give him some good reasons why he should hire you? : Explain the client that you are qualified for the job. Make the client believe that you are experienced, hardworking, result oriented, reliable and very much dedicated to your job. Assure your client that you can deliver best result and by your work you can make the project successful.

10. Give client flexibility on payment issue: There are two different type of payment we find in this marketplace. One is hourly rate job and another is fixed price job. In hourly job employee has to open time tracker during working time and time tracker make a snap that the employee is working, In this hourly job sometimes client fix the hourly rate before. On the other hand in fixed price job client gives a limit of budget when he posts the job. Sometimes freelancers set a very high rate which goes higher than the client’s budget, in this case client decline the proposal. So give a flexible and proper rate to the client for both hourly and fixed price job.

11. Indicate your portfolio link: Add your portfolio into your profile so that when client will check your profile he will see your portfolio items. When he will understand that you have enough knowledge in this freelancing sector then he will come to know about your experience and skills.

12. Offer him a Skype call or chat as a part of interview: Interview is the most important part to get a job. If you have any question about the job or any confusion then you can ask and discuss with the client and make yourself clear, so offer the client to communicate over Skype, Imo, and so on. If you do well in interview then the probability of getting the job will increase. If you can make sure the client that you will be able to satisfy the client by fulfilling his/her desirable requirements then no one can snatch your job from you.

13. Try to maintain professionalism throughout the proposal: Show your professionalism through your proposal, because  professionalism indicates  the qualities, skills, capabilities and experience.


What Not To Do:

1. Don’t beg for work or mention any personal issue : Don’t show to client that you are so much needy, never beg for work and don’t mention any personal issue throughout your proposal because it will make bad effect to your freelancing career.

2. Don’t offer free work: Do not offer any type of free work. Client comes here to pay worker for his work. Your time is valuable to you as well.

3. Don’t use dummy cover letter: Don’t use dummy or copy cover letter for all the jobs. It might be regards as a spam message to clients and it can be harmful to your career.

Everyone has a dream to be successful in one’s life but getting success is not easy as we think. If you want to see yourself as a successful freelancer then dedicate yourself to your work and make your fate by your own.

I write this post dedicated to the new freelancers who want to be a successful freelancer in this marketplace. If you use upper Technic then easily you can win your first desirable job in the freelancing marketplace.

It will be my pleasure if anyone finds this post useful. Hope this post will help you to get your first job.


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