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With the ever changing online landscape and technology innovations coupled with need to support multiple ECommerce channels like Web, Mobile, Social Commerce, companies are under pressure to rapidly adopt, implement while increasing the ROI from existing investments.
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  • “Great experience working with Muhammad and his team. Very happy to be working with Muhammad. Thanks Muhammad for all of your hard work!”
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  • “Excellent work!”
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  • “Very good!”
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  • "Really fast turnaround. Thanks so much.”
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  • “Best of all like always! ”
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  • “As always, Muahammad and his team were great! Thank you”
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  • “Great work, thanks...”
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  • "Great”
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  • “Responsible and reliable team!”
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  • “Very professional and efficient. Was really helpful for the job I needed, since he is very knowlegeable and helped my other team members as well. I really recommend working with him!”
    — rodrigocoelhoc
  • “Muhammed was responsive and diligent. I definitely recommend him.”
  • “Very easy to work with and communicates very well.”
    — gamerz22
  • “This contractor has been super professional and a pleasure to work with. In fact, he is the only contractor I have ever hired where I was actually able to work with written instructions and not requiring constant phone calls for clarification. He is a part of our team and we will continue working with him on many other projects. ”
    — researchagencyinc
  • “Needed to source a list of 4500 contacts.Monir and his team really turned this around within 3 days, amazing work. Can highly recomend Munir and His team for Dataentry.”
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  • “GREAT work!”
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  • “Excellent research skills. The freelancer understood the task right away and provided good results in agreed timeframe. ”
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  • “Excellent data base research work and delivery”
    — mrsolarenergy
  • “Muhammad has been as excellent contractor. He has been a pleasure to work with over the past year and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”
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  • "They did well”
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  • “Great Job!”
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  • “Provided a difficult set of needs for this job, always very professional and responsive. ”
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  • "Very good outcome for finding financial controllers. Finding more data centre facility managers would be quite helpful, but much more difficult to achieve.”
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  • "Thank you, Muhammad. You have given me a great list considering the difficult constrictions you faced.”
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  • "He is the best person to do this job. I have try many and he is quick, good and very reliable. ”
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  • "Very professional and excellent communicator ”
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  • “Great customer service - always on time, very professional!”
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  • "Muhammad is a great resource for research and data projects. Very easy to work with and provides timely results at a low cost. ”
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  • “I keep hiring him. You should, too!”
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  • “As indicated by the high ratings I have given Muhammed, his professionalism, always quick response to my emails (a must for me) and detailed work providing a finished product according to the brief. I highly recommend Muhammed and look forward to working with him on future projects.”
    — kayphilips
  • “Muhammad is truely a man of his word. He finsihed ontime as he said he would. He asked the right questions without assumption. This man is a professional in every sense of the word. I will definitely use his services again to do all of my administrative work. I highly recommend his services.”
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  • “Continuing to work with them. Great professionalism and turn around time.”
    — MaryMN
  • “Delivered exactly what I hoped for, within the time frame I had. A job well done! Thank you ”
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  • Many thanks for the fast turnaround and responsiveness. Work was accurate and what we asked for. Regards”
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  • “A job well done”
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  • "mmhossain458's work was excellent in every respect. He handled a highly personalized mailing for me using MailChimp. I fully recommend him.”
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  • "Great communication. Follows instructions well. Will work with again.”
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  • "Muhammad is excellent with every task assigned. Punctual, precise and hard working”
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  • “Thank you for your assistance. Business needs have changed otherwise we would have continued with the service. They provided excellent value for their service. There were a couple minor spelling mistakes occasionally but otherwise they were self motivated and needed little guidance once the scope of the job was understood. ”
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  • “As always he did a great job and managed his time wisely. I will definitely use his services again.”
    — jamesvaughn
  • “Messed up on a few parts. I tried to provide as much detail and how to video's but I know it happens. I had a ton of lines of data to enter and each line had about 5 steps so it was about 16 hours of straight work. Very fast and responsive. Always available. Mistakes are inevitable but I would say to Freelancer to re-read instructions and try not to be done super fast cause things can get overlooked. Other than that I am very satisfied and it was worth the hiccups. In anything there will be minor mistakes especially when starting the first few shots. Just know it's expected but I am happy. ”
    — gotomaven
  • “Excellent, gets the job done to a high standard and is responsive to customer needs. ”
    — smate
  • “Muhammad is always a pleasure to work with. This is the 2nd time I have used him. He is extremely fast (faster than I can keep up with sometimes), does quality works, always very responsive, and the end results are more than what is expected. I will continue to use him for my upcoming Oxford Beach project. ”
    — MonsieurSeb
  • “Very professional virtual assistant team. Understands the requirements well and delivered accordingly. I would definitely recommend them. They are simply the best virtual assistant ever I used on elance.”
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  • “Muhammad and his team were just what I needed: fast, effective and they communicated and understood my requirements easily. I was impressed with their work and will definitely hire them again! ”
    — Lindseyclarissa
  • “Muhammad and his team were great. There was a short period at the beginning of the project when the work was inadvertently being done slightly incorrectly, but Muhammad caught it without being prompted, was quick to communicate the error and adjusted the time sheets at the end to reflect our original project budget. We also had to work together to resolve some technical questions but, again, it was very prompt and professional. I would absolutely use this team again.”
  • "Mo did a great job researching and sourcing candidates. He pays particular attention to fine details and is thorough. I would recommend his services and plan to use work in the future ”
  • “Excellent, quick and with attention to detail. Went beyond what was asked to finish the job professionally.”
  • “Great service. Fast and responsive. Work was delivered on time and as order. I will be using him again.”
  • “I was searching for a long term and reliable company for my project. It seems that I have found one. MuhammadÂ’s team is fully staffed with all the specialists I need (Front end, back end, mobile and testing specialists). I found they are very tech savvy, responsive and pleasant staff to work with. I would recommend these guys to everybody who wants to have the project completed successfully.”
  • " Muhammad is extremely professional and helpful in all he does!”
  • “Great quality. Not as responsive as I would have liked”
  • “Clean, quick work. Great Job!”
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