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Last week Google announced they will be including “rich snippets” to product related search results . What exactly does a “rich snippet” entail?
Now product results will have detailed information including price, availability, reviews as well as any specific product offerings. This recent enhancement comes at an opportune time for eCommerce companies who will be making a big holiday push, but need to act fast to take advantage of this opportunity and capture the attention of those already starting their shopping.So, what does an eCommerce website need to do to get their products listed with this valuable information? They need to sign up for Google’s Merchant Center . Once they've become a merchant they'll want to submit their products. Then in order for the rich snippet data to appear eCommerce sites need to follow instructions to marking up structured HTML data for Google to interpret and produce the appropriate snippet of information with the search listing. Ecommerce sites can test if Google is able to view and reproduce the information after they've marked up Undoubtedly product results with information crucial to consumers purchasing decision will be considered over products with just a basic listing. Consumers now have the ability to compare product offerings, reviews, and prices from different vendors directly from the search results page, making it even more critical to have information available and enticing enough to elicit a click-through to your website. Besides the recent enhancement to SERP’s eCommerce companies should register with the Google Merchant Center to take advantage of the Shopping search filter. Despite rich snippets appearing in main search results listing your products with Google to appear in the Shopping search section puts you right infront of users who've decided they are searching to shop, and not just to find information which the basic web search filter primarily provides.
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