BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015 – Millionaires freelancer report- a joke of the year!!


On dated 17-Nov-2015 at 6:20 pm, I received an email with a subject line exactly as “News Link” from a Daily Shomokal reporter. The reporter name was S.M. Imdadul Haq and his title at the signature mentioned as Special Correspondent, Monthly Computer Jagat.

Let’s have a look on the report link below and don’t forget to get back here again to read the real facts of this post.


Fantastic! Congratulations to the Millionaires freelancer!!


BUT for me, this report is a joke of the year!! keep reading to know why?


Here is a little background:

I myself faced the interview as the very first candidate for the individual category during the interview process. At the time of the interview, the interview board asked me to show additional proof of my income as they can’t believe the income amount I showed for last year. I presented them the additional proof and they were happy and I got the award finally. One of the judges of the board commented like “you understand why you got the first call, right?”

In fact, I don’t feel comfortable to mention my income here in public. BUT later, after the interview, I came to know (from one of my friend who was one of the judges from the 15 member jury board) that I was the highest earner and my nearest competitor income was approximately 120k USD/year for the individual category.


One more thing I just want to mention here, this reporter called me for an interview about a week ago or so and took my interview. I was expecting the interview on the next day and there was nothing on their newspaper on that day so I forgot this.

When I received the report links via email initially, I just skipped this but when several people responded on this same issue by keeping everyone in the copy, I took a little time and read everyone emails attentively. So I thought to share my thought too and posted this comment on their blog and today posting this article as a blog post so that our freelancer community also know the fact.


So what is the facts:

Watch this youtube video BASIS Outsourcing Award 2015 Promo published by BASIS as a promo of 5th Award.

In fact, BASIS follow specific selection criteria for each type of award they provide. People make it questionable who actually don’t know the factors/criteria’s of the award.

Let’s take it as an example – one of my close friends got the award this year from the district category. His last year gross income was approximate $6000 USD which is less than my monthly income. Let’s assume another freelancer who had a yearly income approximately 20000 USD but don’t get the award even from district category. Now guess why my friend got the award but other guy doesn’t even he had greater income?

The reason is pretty simple – my friend was the highest earner among the candidates who successfully applied for the award from his home districts. The other guy who earned 20000 USD but don’t get the award because there was another guy with greater yearly income and obviously got the award.

Just to let my reader know, Last year (2014) I don’t get the award even after my accumulated yearly income was 60000 USD.

Regarding Individual Outsourcing Professional award, we all know this award goes to the individuals who show extraordinary performance in the field of outsourcing last year. The total award is 8 so you can consider these are the best performer from all over the country where district-level winners are the best from their own district.

This year BASIS never published the result like who is the first and who the last and they treated all 8 individual freelancers (including myself) equally. I like their idea and I really appreciated what they did. I am sure they take this idea from 3 Idiots movie!!

BUT what the reporter is saying here is completely insane!! Even the guy agreed who actually featured as a third millionaire in this article – Shahjahan Russell.

I am just quoting his statement from the email:  “There is no question about the mistake the reporter made, but you guys are really making me laugh. You are as funny as the reporter. You guys are smart enough I thought, but last 2 conversations make me laugh!! Guys grew up!!”


So what is the conclusion?

In my personal opinion, the way BASIS organized the result is like they sort the name from bottom to top if you just consider the income only, again this is my personal opinion and applicable for individual category only. The reason why I am saying this is, besides the information I got from interview board as the very first candidate, I also I reviewed the profile of most freelancer who awarded the individual category and this given me this conclusion.

Might I be wrong? What do you think guys – share your thought at the comment section.

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