What is the best advice for winning job from Upwork, Elance and Freelancer? Here are three golden rules that actually work!!

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September 10, 2015
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November 17, 2015
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What is the best advice for winning job from Upwork, Elance and Freelancer? Here are three golden rules that actually work!!

Are you looking for the Best Advice for winning jobs from Up work, Elance and Freelancer Here are three golden rules that actually work


Updated 11/23/2015: I was asked several times by fellow freelancers both online, email and social media that what is the best tips for winning job from Upwork, Elance and Freelancer?

Well, whether you are a new freelancer waiting to blossom in the freelance industry or an established freelancer with many years of reputation/portfolios, on boarding new client is the ultimate goal of everyone. It doesn’t matter even if you even start freelancing today – here are three golden rules that actually work!!


Rule Number #1:

Act faster & Act accurately– Apply for the job as soon as they are posted at the freelancing marketplace. Try to submit your proposal by targeting to be the first applicant for each job you are applying for; this will give you 90% probability to be hired for the job you apply if your profile got an outstanding overview and job history.


Tips how to Act faster & Act accurately:

a) Create a job application template for each type of job you want to apply.

b) Create a job feed by using the main keywords for each type of job you want to apply.

c) Each time a new job come under that specific job feed – copy the template and edits the yellow highlighted portion (you can use a different color) only and submit your proposal.

d) You can use a pre-made Q&A template which I’m going to share with you. If you need the template, please leave here your email address at the comments section by requesting the template. I will try to send you as soon as possible.

e) At last but not the least – No typing and grammatical mistakes – Before submitting your proposal, read the proposal twice, check for typing and grammatical mistakes using the tools like Ginger Software Or Grammarly, make the necessary correction and then submit it.

Keep in mind, on Upwork you can’t modify your proposal once you have submitted, so be careful!!


Rule Number #2:

Use a time sense that works – submit your proposal when the client is online. How do you know when a client will be online and when offline? This is a tricky part but try to use your common sense and geographical knowledge. For example, if you are applying for a job posted by a USA client then you must know about USA business hours. I am sure that you all know but still I want to clarify – a USA client starts their work when people go to bed in our country and close their business when you wake up. I mean to say for my native Bangladeshi freelancer and his post was written for the help of freelancer from my country who are desperately looking for help on how to find a job from freelancing marketplaces.

However, if you are from an international location all this will equally work for you just use your local time sense. If you don’t apply for the job by keeping in mind the proper time sense, then the percentage of getting job is Zero.


So what is the best time to apply for a job?

The best answer is – apply for the job as soon as it is posted online. Also, I read it from a blog or social media that people were advising for submitting proposals in between 10:00 pm – 1:00 am and 3:00 am – to 6:00 am BST time. I am sure they actually wanted to mean applying job posted from US client only. However, if you can’t stay awake through the night then you can apply job posted by clients from different countries that match with your own lifestyle. I recommend applying for the job posted by clients from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland and EU Countries. Currently, I am trying to avoid client from UK as my past experience with UK client was not good but this is not mandatory for everyone.


Rule Number #3:

Write a personalized proposal as much as possible – What exactly this means? What exactly you can try to do a personalized proposal?

Here are a few tips:

a) Address your prospect with their first name – Try to find the first name of your prospect client from the client’s profile and/or job history. Sometimes they mention their name on the job description. Also, the freelancers mention their client name when they leave feedback which is publicly available at job history of client’s profile. Sometimes the freelancers who previously worked for that client,they mentioned the name of the client with their feedback which is publicly available. Once you find the client’s name then address them with their first name: like Hi Alex, Hi Catherine instead of saying “Hi/hello there” at the beginning of your proposal. This will make a huge difference and will make you outstanding among the crowd.

b) Clearly specify the cost and timeline for the project – At first try to make a quick assessment of the project by thoroughly read the full job description. Find answers for how long the job will take to complete and what should be your fair charge if a client wants to use your service? Then clearly state all this fact by justifying the price and timeline your proposal. Most of the client will award you the job if you can properly analyze the job and justify it to the client through your proposal.

c) Watch the client’s budget attentively – Don’t make your budget too high or too less – ask for a judgemental payment for the project.


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